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Volkswagen Service
Special Offers

Wiper blades special offer

Wiper blades special offer

Wipers Promo

Replace your current wipers at the special price of R400 for parts, and for a further R500 have them fitted by a Volkswagen technician.

Offer valid at selected dealers for Polo 2002 – 2008 models, Golf 2003 – 2006 models and Tiguan 2008 – 2018 models until 30 April 2023.

Special offer for R3100

The Volkswagen Service Special Offer for R3 100 consists of two consecutive oil changes (one of the two oil change services includes an Air Filter) with an added value of Roadside Assistance valid for 2 years.

Additionally, there will also be a Special Offer on Genuine VW Parts. With Special Offers like these, rest assured that we’ll take care of your car while you take on the road ahead.

Offer valid on *Polo and Polo Vivo models between 2008-2015.

*It excludes GTI, TDI and TSI models

Parts pricing Terms and Conditions

The Recommended Retail Price (Excluding VAT) is a recommended maximum price which is non-binding on any party and is subject to change at Volkswagen Group South Africa’s discretion.

Speak to your nearest dealer to find out more