volkswagen south africa transformation
volkswagen south africa transformation
volkswagen south africa transformation

South Africa

Volkswagen Group South Africa supports the South African Government’s Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) Codes of Good Practice by ensuring the proactive involvement of Previously Disadvantaged Groups in current and future economic activities.

Volkswagen B-BBEE Initiatives Trust

B-BBEE has been identified by Volkswagen as a strategic programme at the core of all business activities. As part of the multi-national business community, our company will continue to support B-BBEE as a strategic initiative both at a national and local level.

As a result of the revised Codes of Good Practice, effective from May 2015, our B-BBEE recognition level has dropped to level 8 (level 7 discounted to level 8). We strive to once again achieve 100% B-BBEE compliance in the medium to long term in line with our industry market leadership position. Transformation is and always will be a business, economic and reputational imperative for Volkswagen South Africa.

Our Transformation Strategy.

The below strategy will enable us to achieve our transformation goals.


The Volkswagen Learning Academy (VWLA) is dedicated to human capital training and development and is an essential element in achieving our Human Resources and Divisional goals.

High-quality training has been provided to all levels of personnel within the Volkswagen plant for the past 25 years. VWLA is dedicated to high value-added training – based specifically on the needs of its customers, it also offers all its expertise and programmes to outside customers. Led by an experienced training management team, our highly skilled training personnel provide a wide variety of programmes and expertise.  Based on its many achievements, VWLA is regarded as a very progressive and sophisticated training organisation, offering real value-for-money training services.

The VWLA supports the company’s long-term strategic plan to ensure all levels of employees are equipped with the skills to build globally competitive cars in South Africa. These cars should be competitive in terms of cost, quality and schedule adherence. The VWLA aims to be the benchmark in employee skills growth and training in Production, National Sales Organisation, Technical, Commercial and Leadership Training Academies.

Our approach to skills development has enabled us to achieve 18.07 points out of 20 points. Our next BEE verification is set to reach the 20 point mark.


The main goal of Management Control is to achieve greater representation at senior management level. Our leadership academy does this by developing talent at all levels of the organisation while succession planning enables BEE candidates to progress into management levels. Division heads regularly report on their National Economic Active Population (NEAP) status and present their representation improvement plans to the Board of Management. This progress is monitored at Board level. Along with greater senior-level representation, our recruitment strategy has enabled new starters t