Start driving the Volkswagen you want, today.

EasyFinance is the Volkswagen Financial Services Guaranteed Future Value finance option available for you when purchasing your Volkswagen Passenger and Commercial Vehicle from any approved Volkswagen dealership.

This is the safe way to keep your options open. In just a few steps, this option affords you the opportunity to drive away in your new Volkswagen, secure in the knowledge of the future value it will retain at the end of your contract term.

Volkswagen Finance

At the end of your contract term, you have three options available:  

1. Trade In: The best part of EasyFinance is that it's so easy to get into the latest, greatest Volkswagen! You can upgrade your vehicle at the end of your term by simply trading in your vehicle for a brand-new one at your Volkswagen Dealership under the EasyFinance option.

2. Retain: Fallen in love? Can't bear to be parted with your Volkswagen? If that's the case, you can settle your vehicle for the EasyFinance Future Value you locked in at the start of the contract. Or we can help you refinance that amount by emailing us on a mail link

3. Return: As long as you have kept to your contracted mileage, taken good care of your vehicle, and have ensured it is fully maintained, you may simply return your vehicle to Volkswagen Financial Services by informing us on a mail link

Fair Wear and Tear. 

To protect your guaranteed minimum future value, your Volkswagen must be in an acceptable condition and within your stipulated kilometre limit when you return it to us. Reasonable fair wear and tear from every-day use is only to be expected but needs to stay within the guidelines set in your contract. A detailed document will be supplied to you when you sign your contract, but some guidelines are indicated in the Fair Wear and Tear Guide. Download Fair Wear and Tear Guide

EasyFinance FAQs

Volkswagen Financial Services South Africa (Pty) Ltd is an authorised Financial Services and Registered Credit Provider. NCRCP6635.