Repairs and Checks

Repairs and Checks

Trust is key when it comes to vehicle services. Whether it’s an oil change, glass repairs, or Wheel and Tyre Services, with us, your vehicle is in the safest hands.

Vehicle Check

With the Vehicle Check you can enjoy a reliable drive and contribute to the value retention of your Volkswagen. We carry out a quick and simple check of all the essential parts of your car – from the brakes to the engine. Take advantage of our manufacturer’s knowledge: We know your Volkswagen inside-out – after all, we built it.

A service for every Part

Do you need a spare part and would like information on a service? With our comprehensive services and the right parts, you can enjoy your mobility.

  • Detailed view of a VW starter battery


    Your Volkswagen needs energy from the battery to remain operational. That’s why high quality and regular checks are essential. Find out more about our Battery Service, product benefits and answers to frequently asked questions.

  • A man with a school bag and a bouquet of flowers in his hands and a little girl standing in front of a VW Golf


    Your brakes have to withstand extreme conditions: From short distances to demanding mountain routes, high temperatures to high-speed braking. Of course, this causes some wear and tear. Have your brakes checked on a regular basis.

  • A man and a service employee stand by the open bonnet of a VW in a workshop

    Air Condition and Filter

    These spare parts take care of clean air in your Volkswagen, among other things, so you can enjoy a more relaxed drive. Read more about the benefits.

  • A VW ID.3 with glowing headlights in a tunnel

    Glass and Light  

    They’re your window to the road and ensure your vision. An intact windscreen also contributes to the stability of the vehicle body. We will provide information on this and other important components.

  • A Volkswagen with a clean vehicle body and red paintwork

    Body and Paintwork

    Vehicle body parts are the building blocks of your vehicle, protecting both you and other passengers against environmental influences and in the event of an accident. To make sure your Volkswagen looks as good as new, even after a scratch, our Genuine Paints and Genuine Parts will give it a brand new shine.

  • A man next to his VW car with open bonnet

    Engine and Chassis

    The engine is what drives your car – so, it’s essential that spark plugs and timing belts are working properly. Chassis parts such as shock absorbers and silencers are also extremely important and, in good working order, make a significant contribution to your mobility.

Engine oil and Fluids

Engine oil and Fluids

A woman holds an engine oil bottle in her hands in front of a Volkswagen

With our engine oils and operating fluids, your Volkswagen will put in a top performance and enjoy a long vehicle life. Find useful tips on Oil knowledge.

Wheels and Tyres

They’re your only point of contact with the road. On our Wheel knowledge page, we have compiled practical information about your car tyres and handy tips on tread depth, rims and more.

Our Guarantees

Learn about the scope and advantages of our guarantee offers for new and used vehicles. We have the matching guarantee or guarantee extension for you.