Wheels and Tyres

Our tyres have the right tread. Explore services and products for wheels and tyres.

Wheel and Tyre Services

Wheel and Tyre Services

A service employee looks at the wheels of a blue VW car – Wheel and Tyre Services

Is a tyre change due? We’ll take care of it for you and you can leave the changed tyres with us – with our Wheel and Tyre Storage Service, we will make sure they’re stored properly. If you need new tyres, we have the right choice – including up to 36 months Tyre Insurance and immediate fitting. Make the most of our services for wheels and tyres now.

On the road with Complete Wheels

Find the right wheel/tyre combination  

Our complete wheels are not only visually and technically tailored to your vehicle, they also stand out thanks to a precision-fit wheel/tyre combination – all for your safety.

The left front wheel of a blue VW – complete summer wheels

Wheel/tyre Combination FAQs

A little girl looks at a man with a bouquet of flowers in his hand, a VW Golf next to them
An alloy rim and a steel rim from VW


Allowing you to make your car even more individual.

Dynamic hub caps – Volkswagen Accessories

Dynamic Hub Caps

A visual highlight – the Volkswagen logo always remains in its upright position.

A VW service employee takes a look at the car tyre of a red VW – wheel knowledge

Wheel Knowledge

What does the structure of a tyre look like and how are tread depth and tyre pressure measured? Find the answers here.