Entertainment and Electronics

Entertainment and electronics

To make sure that you feel good behind the wheel of your Volkswagen, we have a wide selection of entertainment and electronic accessories.

Make your trip a real pleasure

With the modular travel and comfort system, you can keep passengers in the back of your Volkswagen entertained. The basic module is simply attached between the headrest guides on the front seats and can be supplemented, for example, by the swivelling tablet holder, action camera holder or additional modules.

Accessories for Summer and Winter

Whether you’re looking for an auxiliary heater or a cool and thermos box: With our Volkswagen Genuine Accessories, we’ll make sure you have the right products on hand for every season. Browse our online shop and pick out your favourite product. 

  • A mother looks through the frozen window into the warm interior of the car at her daughter – auxiliary heater from VW

    Auxiliary Heater

    The auxiliary heater creates a pleasant environment in your Volkswagen all year round. Find out more about the auxiliary heater’s functioning and operation, and discover the benefits it provides.

  • A man sits in the luggage compartment and makes himself a coffee with the espresso machine from VW

    Espresso Machine

    No service station on the horizon? Not a problem. With this little on-the-road luxury, you can enjoy the perfect coffee wherever, whenever – freshly brewed in the espresso machine.

  • A woman with a water bottle sits in the luggage compartment – behind her the VW cool and thermos box

    Cool and Thermos Box

    Your practical companion for virtually any weather: The cool and warm function ensures snacks stay warm in the winter and keeps your drinks cool when the temperature starts to climb.

A connected Vehicle

Turn your car into an interface for communication and entertainment media. Find matching Volkswagen Genuine Accessories and learn more about the Volkswagen apps.