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Welcome to the future.

Is electric mobility practical in everyday life? Is it complicated to charge an electric car? How far can you travel with a single load?

Electric mobility will play an important role in the motoring world of the future and Volkswagen South Africa have started the journey towards introducing electric vehicles, infrastructure and digital eco systems.

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The new e-Golf brings impressive power, efficiency and adaptability to the forefront of your drive. And with three driving modes – standard, Eco and Eco+ - you are firmly in the driver’s seat.

The e-Golf automatically starts in Normal driving mode, giving you:

— 100 kW
 Max starting torque 290 Nm
 Max speed 150 km/h
 0 to 100 km/h in 9.6 seconds

Eco and Eco+ driving modes are also available to save energy, giving you: 

Driving modes that achieve greater range through efficient use of energy
The assistance to drive even more energy-efficiency
The choice of driving with full power and full comfort, or driving extremely efficiently with maximum range


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