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At Volkswagen, we aim to keep your Volkswagen authentic by offering you a range of Volkswagen Genuine Parts and Accessories to suit your every need. At Volkswagen, the safety and satisfaction of our customers always comes first. Volkswagen Genuine Parts and Accessories are designed specifically for each individual model, ensuring optimal vehicle operation, uncompromised safety and perfect compatibility. Volkswagen owners experience consistent peak performance with our Volkswagen Genuine Parts and Accessories.

What are Genuine Parts?
VW Genuine Parts are high-quality and made-to-measure for your Volkswagen – they are installed in a new vehicle. So even after repair or maintenance work, your car remains a 100% original.

When do I use Genuine Parts?
Genuine Parts are suitable for your Volkswagen. They preserve the value of your car, are of a certified high quality and support your safety.

Your benefits
Manufacturer expertise:
Real Volkswagen parts with our manufacturer expertise. Checked and approved by the group development department.
Precision fit:
Every Genuine Part is tailor-made for our models. So, you are doing something good for your Volkswagen and preserving its value.
Product tests conducted by independent inspection facilities regularly attest the high quality of Volkswagen Genuine Parts®.

Volkswagen Genuine Parts product range. 

Did you know?

The battery is the car’s major power supply.

As well as being the main component in starting the engine, the battery serves as a storage device for the energy produced by the alternator during the drive.

Breakdown statistics show that battery failure is the major cause of problems on the road, so it’s very important to ensure that the battery, a typical wear part, is suited to the needs of the car in question.

A car battery should be replaced approximately every 4 years, but it is best to check with your local dealership on regular intervals. They can also  proactively test the battery using a Volkswagen battery tester.

Why choose Volkswagen Genuine Batteries?

  • VW Genuine Batteries have a low self-discharge rate throughout their service life.
  • They have an integrated wear indicator (acid level indicator) on the exterior to check the battery’s condition.
  • Genuine Batteries offer outstanding value for money as only high-quality materials are used during their production ensuring consistent performance throughout their service life.

Did you know?

Shock absorbers ensure cornering stability, steering stability and traction, amongst other aspects.

Worn-out shock absorbers significantly increase the braking distance when stopping. 

The tell-tale signs of worn shock absorbers are banging noises, uneven wear on the tyres, increased sensitivity to side winds, oily shock absorbers and vehicle reverberations.

Tuned to safety-relevant systems (such as ABS or ESC): Intact shock absorbers provide accurate information for assistance systems

Shock absorbers ensure ideal interaction between component parts, meaning less wear and a longer service life. Shock absorbers don’t wear out from one day to the next – it’s a gradual process. Not surprisingly, their slow deterioration often goes unnoticed. Shock absorbers should be checked regularly. 

Why choose Volkswagen Genuine Shock Absorbers?

  • Our VW Genuine Shock Absorbers offer stability and safety, allowing the driver to negotiate corners comfortably, even at high speeds.
  • They react superbly on uneven roads and reduce vibrations to the absolute minimum.
  • They are also a preventative measure in stopping premature wear and tear in other vehicle parts such as the tyres.
  • Designed specifically for each model, our Genuine Shock Absorbers need to work with the entire range of Genuine suspension parts to achieve optimum performance.

Volkswagen Genuine Parts videos.


Volkswagen Economy Parts.

The more economical repair solution.

The smartest and affordable addition to the current range of Volkswagen Parts, that is of outstanding quality.This is due to an intensive and rigorous development and testing programme done exclusively by our engineers, and meets the highest international standards.

Economy Parts have been specially developed for Volkswagen that are four years old or more.

Your benefits
Common wear-related repairs:
Brake pads/linings and discs, silencers, starter batteries, alternators, spark plugs, shocks, filters, wiper blades, shock absorbers

Developed for affordable repairs that correspond to current market value. Specifically for vehicles that are four years old or more.

Brand quality:
Our economy parts are made to specification with the same certified quality as all Volkswagen parts.

With or without fitment:
Available from your Volkswagen dealer as individual parts with or without fitment. We do recommend though that you have them fitted at our dealers as we have highly qualified and competent technicians and world class equipment.

Volkswagen Exchange parts. 
Return. Recondition. Renew.

Why fit an 
Exchange Part?

Fitting your vehicle with an Exchange Part will ensure an economical repair solution that is as kind to the environment, as it is to your wallet. 

What is an Exchange Part? Exchange Parts are parts that have been refurbished and restored to deliver the same safety and longevity of comparable Genuine Parts, for less.

Volkswagen Exchange Parts range.

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