Engine and Chassis

Engine and Chassis

Whether you use a diesel or petrol drive, find information here on chassis, engine, gears and our services.

Vehicle Check

With the Vehicle Check you can enjoy a reliable drive and contribute to the value retention of your Volkswagen. We carry out a quick and simple check of all the essential parts of your car – from the brakes to the engine. Take advantage of our manufacturer’s knowledge: We know your Volkswagen inside-out – after all, we built it.

The engine is the centrepiece of your vehicle

Avoid damages to the engine caused by material mixes with third-party products and use only products of verified quality. Whether it’s spark plugs, a timing belt, lubricant or coolant additive, both engine and transmission will be happy with Genuine Parts and your Volkswagen will run more smoothly.

VW spark plugs

Spark Plugs

In cars with a petrol engine, spark plugs ensure that the fuel/air mixture ignites at the right moment and your engine can start.

A VW timing belt

Timing Belt

The timing belt controls the precise combustion process in the engine.

A woman holds an engine oil bottle in her hands in front of a Volkswagen

Engine oil

Learn about our engine oils and other fluids for your car.

Timing Belt and Spark Plugs FAQs

  • Detailed view of a shock absorber

    Shock absorbers   

    They are precisely coordinated to match your model, chassis and assistance systems, enabling a relaxed drive. During acceleration, braking and steering – the shock absorbers stabilise, absorb and ensure excellent traction. So your Volkswagen reacts effortlessly to uneven road surfaces.

    Your benefits

    • Reliable:
      They decrease the impact of vibrations and support the function of assistance systems (e.g. Electronic Stabilisation Programme or ABS).
    • Resilient:
      Top performance at high speeds and with heavy loads, e.g. with a large trailer or lots of luggage.
    • Cost-effective:
      Protect vehicle body and vehicle components from high levels of wear.
  • A VW silencer


    With our silencers, you can enjoy a quieter and calmer drive. They absorb exhaust noise by 2 dB more than the legal requirement and are therefore even quieter. Thanks to high-grade materials, the silencers are particularly durable and extremely heat resistant.

    Your benefits

    • Quiet result:
      Absorb driving noise more effectively than is legally required.
    • Longer service life:
      Thanks to durable materials, such as stainless steel and a moisture-controlling structure.
    • Optimised engine performance and consumption:
      Thanks to low flow resistance and exhaust back-pressure.

Shock Absorber and Silencer FAQs

Our services for engine and chassis

If you are interested in our services for the engine and chassis, we are here to help.