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Service and Parts

With the right parts and services, your Volkswagen will remain mobile. Find out more about what we have to offer.

Benefits of the Volkswagen Service  

Your satisfaction is close to our hearts. By choosing Volkswagen Services and parts, you’re choosing our high quality standards and our expert knowledge as manufacturer.

Volkswagen Service
Special Offers

We care about your Volkswagen just as much as we care about you. That’s why we’re offering you a Volkswagen Service Special Offer on all Polo and Polo Vivo models between 2008 and 2015. It excludes GTI and TDI and TSI models.

#CarCareTips: Check your cam belt

VW Car Care Tips – Check your cam belt

#CarCareTips: Getting to know your Poly V belt

VW Car Care Tips – Getting to know your Poly V belt

#CarCareTips: Topping up on coolant

Convenience in the palm of your hand

You can have more time for everything else. While your beloved Volkswagen is at our dealer, you will be sent a digital update through Service Cam. You will receive a video via email or SMS that shows you exactly what additional repairs are required. There is no need to call your Service Advisor and you can conveniently approve the quote with just a few clicks.

Service Cam has many benefits for you:

Volkswagen Services

Accident and breakdown assistance

When your car breaks down, despite all cautionary and quality measures, we’re here to help. Learn more about our services, including our services in case of an accident – so you stay mobile.

Maintenance and Services Plans

Pay a small monthly fee and not only are comprehensive maintenance and inspection works covered, but also wear-and-tear repairs. Better than paying everything at once, right?

Repairs and checks

Here, we’ll present a selection from our range of repair services and checks. A chip in the windscreen, oil change or wheel services: Benefit from our expert knowledge and find the right workshop near you.

Engine and chassis

The engine is what drives your car – so, it's essential that timing belts and spark plugs as well as shock absorbers and silencers function perfectly.

Engine oil and fluids

Engine oil and fluids

A woman holds an engine oil bottle in her hands in front of a Volkswagen

With our engine oils and operating fluids, your Volkswagen will put in a top performance and enjoy a long vehicle life. Find useful tips on Oil knowledge.

With our parts, you are making the right choice

All parts
Illustration of a VW Golf 7 and common wear parts – warning against fake parts

Deceptively real

The array of fake parts and operating fluids is vast and difficult to recognise. If they are used, they are one thing above all else: Dangerous. Do not take any risks – make the most of our expert knowledge and 100% manufacturer quality of Volkswagen Genuine Parts.

More about Fake parts

Wheels and tyres

They’re your only point of contact with the road: Summer, winter or all-season tyres, with optional innovative AirStop® technology. We have compiled useful information about tyres and practical tips on tread depth, rims, wheel/tyre combinations and more.

  • A Touareg on a country road, mountains in the background – all-season tyres

    All-season tyres

    They combine effectively balanced properties for both summer and winter weather conditions.

  • A VW service employee checks the tyres of a Volkswagen – wheel knowledge

    Wheel knowledge

    What is the minimum tread depth? How do you mount snow chains and what does 205 55 R 16 mean? The topics of tyres and rims often raise questions. On this page, you’ll find the answers as well as relevant basic information.

  • Detailed shot of a VW brake disc – brake knowledge

    Brake knowledge

    This page contains information on what components are involved in your braking system, when the system needs to be changed, and what you can do when you see signs of early wear.

Our Guarantees

Learn about the scope and advantages of our guarantee offers for new and used vehicles. We have the matching guarantee or guarantee extension for you.

We want to keep you moving, so we have an award-winning Customer Interaction Centre (CIC) ready to assist whenever you need it, along with Roadside Assistance* which is available to you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. If the unforeseen should occur, we’ll be right by your side to help with jump starts, fuel, flat tyre, towing, mobility and even accommodation.  

We’re on this journey together and your feedback helps us provide the very best service we could possibly offer. So, after every service, we’ll send you a Customer Experience Management survey to find out just how pleasant and professional your Volkswagen Service experience was. 

No matter where the road takes you, if you’re looking for real value-for-money a Volkswagen service pays off. 

*Terms and Conditions apply

Frequently Asked Questions

Service - Frequently Asked Questions.

Your vehicle deserves the right service.

We know how important your vehicle is to you, because we feel exactly the same. Our Genuine Service provides a range of services that are designed specifically for your Volkswagen. So your journey is care-free and comfortable.

Get a world class Volkswagen service with our world class-expert dealer network in German engineering and ensure your Volkswagen keeps running better for longer.