Body and paintwork

Body and Paintwork

A small scratch to the paintwork or wing? Learn about the importance of an intact vehicle body.

Make a Brilliant Impression

With our Body and Paint Service, small damages – such as a dent in the metalwork – are quickly repaired. Of course, the no-rust guarantee remains intact. If your Volkswagen suffers more substantial damage, our service dealers will be happy to advise on possible repairs.

Our Exterior Care

A well-maintained and functional vehicle exterior is essential for keeping your car looking good. Our car parts and care products will help you take care of it.

A man touches up a scratch with a VW touch-up pencil

Paint Sprays and touch-up pencils

With our paint spray or practical touch-up pencil, small damages to paintwork are easily repaired. Choose from a variety of colours.

Father and son vacuuming the seats of their Volkswagen together

Care Products  

Cleanliness and long-lasting protection for your Volkswagen.

A VW service employee at the Glass Repair Service

Glass and Light

With our windscreen and lights, you’ll have a clear view of the road ahead.

Our Vehicle Body Parts

Precision-fit and Strong

All our car parts have been specially developed for your Volkswagen and as such, can be seamlessly integrated, saving you time and money when it comes to repairs. They give your Volkswagen the vehicle stability it needs.

A VW vehicle body part inside a workshop
  • Vehicle Body Parts

    Find an overview of our car parts and their functions here.

    • Cross members and bumpers:
      They absorb the large majority of the energy caused by a collision and distribute it across the vehicle body. Your passenger compartment is more stable.
    • Bonnet:
      The bonnet becomes deformed in a crash and absorbs part of the energy produced by the collision. This can mean fewer injuries and lower repair costs.
    • Wing:
      It protects pedestrians and other road users from spray water, churned up dirt and small stones.
  • Your Benefits

    The robust shell of your Volkswagen not only looks spectacular, it also protects you, your passengers and other road users.

    • Increased safety:
      Due to robust vehicle body, sheet thickness and reduction of energy generated by a collision.
    • Precision-fit:
      Quick and affordable assembly thanks to precise fit.
    • Original design:
      Your Volkswagen stays a Volkswagen.

Our service for body and paintwork

If you are interested in our services for your vehicle body and paintwork, we are here to help.