Engine oil and fluids

Engine oil and Fluids

With our engine oils and operating fluids, your Volkswagen will put in a top performance and enjoy a longer vehicle life.

Oil Service

Oil Service

A VW service employee during an Oil Service

Extend your engine’s service life – with our Oil Service. We replace the used oil with fresh Volkswagen Genuine Oil. It protects your engine and renders it especially powerful. We will also replace the oil filter and seals – with Volkswagen Genuine Parts and Volkswagen Genuine Oil, of course.

Volkswagen Genuine Engine Oil

Innovations that are continuously optimised to expand the engine performance, while simultaneously surpassing standard approvals and specifications: Our high-performance engine oils.

  • VW engine oil LongLife III FE

    LongLife III FE

    Our high-performance engine oil extends the time between change intervals: Specially developed for petrol engines and diesel engines with a diesel particulate filter.

    • Tailor-made for your Volkswagen:
      For approved engines with VW standard 50400 and 50700.
    • Saves fuel:
      More efficient thanks to less friction – and extends the engine service life.
    • Extends the change intervals:
      Thanks to long-term stability, reduced ash content and viscosity index 0W-30. Read more about viscosity.
    • Needs no extra additives:
      The additives already included keep the engine clean and prevent a build-up of sludge.
  • VW engine oil LongLife IV FE

    LongLife IV FE

    LongLife IV is a fuel economy engine oil and meets all requirements of the new generations of petrol and diesel engines that feature particulate filters with extended service intervals. Thanks to the unique green colour of the oil, it’s unmistakeable.

    • Tailor-made for your Volkswagen:
      For approved engines with VW standard 50800 and 50900.
    • Protects your engine:
      Due to a reduced ash content and viscosity index 0W-20, which ensures the right consistency even at low temperatures. Read more about viscosity.
    • Needs no extra additives:
      The additives already included keep the engine clean and prevent a build-up of sludge.
    • Suitable for short-distance drivers:
      Thanks to less friction and reduced oil resistance in the engine.
  • VW engine oil "Special G"

    “Special D” and “Special G” engine oils

    These smooth-running engine oils are suitable for engines with no particulate filter. They’re characterised by particularly robust properties. “Special D” is ideal for diesel engines, “Special G” for petrol engines.

    • Tailor-made for your Volkswagen:
      For engines with no particulate filter.
    • Protect your engine:
      Thanks to high resilience and less pumping.
    • Reduce friction that affects engine performance:
      Even under difficult conditions and at virtually any speed.

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Increasing Engine Power while decreasing fuel consumption

Oil filters clean circulating engine oil of dust, metal abrasion debris, carbon and soot particles, allowing only oil that is free from residues to reach lubrication points and bearing positions. This prevents wear and contributes to a long engine life. With the oil filter, both the oil quality and engine performance are preserved, as well as its economic viability.

Your benefits

  • Firm seat:
    Also with temperature and pressure fluctuations.
  • No leakage:
    Filter and oil channels do not leak into the oil pan.
  • Particularly robust:
    Designed for start/stop vehicles.
  • Immediately ready for use:
    Immediate oil pressure and lubrication at engine start-up.
Detailed view of a VW oil check

Oil knowledge

Useful information about engine oil

How often does the oil need to be changed and what does viscosity mean? We have compiled useful information on the topic of engine oil. So you are prepared whenever you want to check the oil level or a warning light in your vehicle is flashing.

Care Products

For care at Home

Treat your Volkswagen to a spa day. We offer a range of care products for the vehicle interior and exterior, for summer and winter.

Father and son vacuuming the seats of their Volkswagen together
  • Two VW screenwash bottles


    With our screenwash concentrate, you’ll always have a clear view. It also protects your windscreen and the windscreen washer system against frost and limescale with the mixing ratio 1:10 – without leaving any stains on your paintwork. In winter, use the concentrate with anti-freeze protection for your car.

    Your benefits

    • For summer and winter:
      Removes insects and grease, amongst other things, in the summer and protects the windscreen and windscreen washer system against limescale. In the winter, it protects against frost and removes road salt.
    • Environmentally friendly:
      Contains no water-insoluble washing agents.
    • Gentle on materials:
      Compatible with all Volkswagen materials: Does not cause cracks in plastic parts or marks on the paintwork.
  • Two VW new engine coolant bottles

    Coolant Additive G12evo

    Our new engine coolant G12evo features improved temperature stability compared to its predecessor G13. This means that it works even under the particularly high demands of our new engine generation and reliably protects the engine against corrosion, limescale, acids and especially low temperatures down to -35 °C.

    Your benefits

    • Protects the engine:
      Against extreme temperatures as well as corrosion, acidification, accumulation of sludge and limescale.
    • Protects the materials:
      The coolant is compatible with the materials in the cooling system and contains no heavy metals or sulphur compounds. This helps to preserve the seals, for example.
    • Stable when mixed with water:
      Should preferably be mixed with distilled water.
    • Backward compatible:
      With our predecessor coolants such as coolant G13.

    We have put together information on warning lamps related to coolants.

  • Three cans of Volkswagen Genuine Brake Fluid

    Brake fluid

    Our brake fluid works even at very high and very low temperatures. It has been specially developed for your Volkswagen brake system and sets its own standard: The VW standard 50114.

    Your benefits

    • Gentle on materials:
      Doesn’t affect the rubber seals and absorbs moisture. This reduces the risk of corrosion.
    • Excellent performance in cold conditions:
      Ready for operation, even at temperatures as low as -40 °C.

    If you want to know more, take a look at our FAQs about brake fluid.

Engine and Chassis

Find out more about the centrepiece of your Volkswagen as well as other important components in your car.


Alongside the oil filter, your Volkswagen contains a number of other types of filter. We will gladly inform you about the other filters: From the allergen filter to the air filter.