Amarok Double Cab

Amarok. Not just tough, smart.

The Amarok transforms expectations of what a bakkie should be. In addition to the countless benchmark features, you've come to expect from the Amarok, its 3.0 litre V6 TDI engine delivers a brutish 190kW and 580Nm of torque. The Amarok V6 has exactly what it takes to get the job done, and then some...

An empowering service plan upgrade Amarok 190 kW

#KnowYourPower with a no cost service plan upgrade to a full Maintenance Plan of 5yr/90 000km.

Amarok highlights. consumer award winner amarok


Discover the latest Volkswagen intuitive safety and technology features designed with you in mind.


Power your way through life and tackle any terrain in this formidable Volkswagen model.


More reliable.

Automatic Post-Collision Braking System and electronic trailer stabilisation system as standard.
Safety on almost any terrain: the Amarok is the only pickup in its class to come with an Automatic Post-Collision Braking System, 17-inch disc brakes at the front and 16-inch disc brakes at the rear as standard. What’s more, the trailer stabilisation system provides the best possible protection against snaking trailers.

Automatic Post-Collision Braking System.
Triggers braking after a collision, with the aim of preventing secondary collisions. After a short delay, the vehicle begins phased braking down to 10km/h, during which the driver can take over at anytime.

Electronic Stabilisation Programme
Prevents under- or over steering by targeted braking of individual wheels.

Trailer stabilisation.
If your trailer starts to snake back and forth, the system carefully brakes the towing vehicle and reduces the engine’s torque. This steadies the trailer and maintains driving safety.

Anti-theft warning system
Triggers acoustic and visual warnings in the event of unauthorised entry. In addition to interior monitoring, the system includes an electronic immobiliser, a deactivatable SAFELOCK and tow-away protection.


Leather-covered multifunction steering wheel with paddles

*For excellent grip and a premium feel. Ergonomic paddles allow you to change gears for a sportier driving style. 

Multifunction steering. 
The radio or navigation system and your mobile phone can be controlled using the buttons within easy reach. 

**Winter package (not illustrated). 
Making the start of the day a little bit easier in the cold months. This package includes heated windscreen washer nozzles, a washer fluid display and seat heating for the driver and front passenger seat. 

*Available only on the Extreme model. 
**Optional on the Highline model. 

Amarok 190kW 

In life there’s always another mountain to climb, but when you #KnowYourPower anything is possible. 

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