Brakes Knowledge

Brake components, possible patterns of damage and the right care: Discover everything you need to know about your brake system here.  

Close-up of a horizontal and a vertical brake disc – Volkswagen Genuine Parts

Did you know?

To make sure you come to a halt, your brakes have to put in a strong performance.

  • High temperature:
    During daily operation, your brakes are exposed to high temperatures, especially when driving downhill.
  • Strong performance:
    When you brake in your Volkswagen, the brake output can reach up to 883 kW (1,200 hp), thus exceeding the engine output by a considerable amount.
  • High pressure:
    When the brakes are applied to their maximum, the brake pads are pressed against the brake discs with an average power of some 15,000 N.

Structure and function of the brakes

Brakes are made up of various components, each of which performs a different function.

  • Brake discs:
    They act as a frictional surface for the brake pads, with their counter pressure creating the braking effect.
  • Brake pads:
    When the brake pedal is pressed down, they’re pushed against the brake disc.
  • Brake pistons:
    Ensure that the brake pads are pressed against the brake disc.
  • Brake calipers:
    They bear and guide the brake pads and pistons, and enclose the brake disc.
  • Brake fluid:
    Acts as a transmission agent for the hydraulic pressure that occurs when the brake pedal is pressed.
  • Brake lines and hoses:
    Along with the brake fluid, they transfer the pressure to the brake calipers.
Components of a brake can be seen – VW Genuine Parts
An illustration of a damaged brake disc

Brake damage

There are different types of brake damage – all of them have an impact on the braking effect. We’ll show you what to look out for.

A VW Touareg drives on a snowy road and swirls up snow

Tips for your brakes

We have a few tips on how to prevent premature wear on your brakes.

The left front wheel of a VW Golf – the brake system including brake disc and brake caliper can be seen

Brake test

Are your brakes working properly? Test them yourself.

Brake change – what we check

Brake change – what we check

A VW service employee checks the brake system of a Volkswagen

When changing your brakes, our service employees will check that everything is in the right place and coordinated with the rest of the system. Find out what to look out for during a brake change.

Three cans of Volkswagen Genuine Brake Fluid

Useful information on the brake fluid

Without it, nothing works. It makes sure that the pressure that occurs during braking is transferred correctly to the wheel brakes. But that’s not all: Explore the product properties, benefits and additional information relating to our brake fluid.