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Everything about the Polo will give you the drive to go further. The sharpened body design and IQ.LIGHT matrix LEDs reflect confidence in true Polo style. The fresh design and new exterior features are just the start of the Polo’s innovation. As you look closer, the IQ.DRIVE features and advanced interior digitalisation reveal the intelligence behind confident driving.

The Polo highlights.

Shot of a white VW Polo GTI with LED headlights switched on, driving in a dark hall under light elements.

The Polo GTI

Enjoyment on a whole new level


 I.Q LIGHT matrix LED headlights

Make a big impression at the front as well as at the rear

Close-up of the optional Digital Cockpit Pro in the VW Polo, showing the speedometer


Key information at a glance

Compact size, great packaged

The Polo cuts a convincing figure with its fresh yet timeless design. Optionally, the electric panoramic tilting/sliding sunroof and the IQ.LIGHT – LED matrix headlights provide further highlights .

Fully equipped

The well thought-out and spacious interior and equipment such as the clear Digital Cockpit or the optional "Discover Pro" navigation system combine intelligent functions with a modern design.


A guiding light

The innovative IQ.LIGHT matrix LED headlights gives you the capabilities to light the way with confidence. Its matrix technology allows you to drive with the main beam permanently switched on without dazzling other road users. The Polo comes with optional LED tail light clusters with animated brake light and integrated dynamic turn signal that indicates direction.

1. Comes as standard in the Polo GTI

Digital Comfort

Key information at a glance

The fully digital standard 8-inch cockpit changes the way you drive with an interactive and convenient display. An optional 9.2-inch digital cockpit display is available on the Life and standard on the R-Line and GTI models.

The Polo is fitted with the advanced generation MIB3 touch-screen infotainment system and comes with wireless charging as an option and App-Connect, keeping connectivity at your fingertips and putting you at the top of your game.

Enjoy the luxury of convenience with the Climatronic Touch aircon system, front and rear electric windows and optional keyless locking and starting. 

Trim levels

The Polo GTI


Put more in. Get more out.

The Polo GTI is here with a 2.0 GTI 147kW DSG® engine, “Art Velour” Titanium black seat finishes, 17" Milton Keynes alloy wheels, twin tail pipes, front and rear spoilers along with the classic GTI insignia. The performance-driven design allows drivers to shift into a new mode of boldness with the leather-wrapped multi-function sports steering wheel. It is also equipped with optional features like IQ.DRIVE and Beats sound system which makes the Polo GTI, the ideal compact performance car of a new generation.

Level up your drive with more power 

With an impressive 147 kW under the bonnet, the Polo GTI delivers the sporty performance drivers expect. With acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in 6.5 seconds, you’ll notice it every time you start the engine and whenever you look in your rear view mirror. Plus with a DSG dual-clutch gearbox, the new Polo gives you uninterrupted driving performance by allowing for seamless gear changes and a more economical drive. 


Keeps you to your lane, and keeps others at a distance.

The Polo includes a capacitive steering wheel when you opt for Travel Assist1: thanks to a touch-sensitive surface, it can detect whether you physically have your hands on the wheel. Travel Assist puts the comfort into driving by providing assistance in monotonous and tiring situations2. Travel Assist also helps keep you in lane and maintain your speed while taking into account the distance from vehicles in front, especially on motorways and major roads2.

1 Part of the optional IQ.DRIVE package
2 Within system limits. The driver must be prepared at all times to override the assistance system. These systems do not absolve drivers of their responsibility to drive with due care and attention.

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