Share the ride in the Polo Vivo

The Polo Vivo is here and it’s equipped with a variety of features to suit you and your crew. From the front electric windows, ISOFIX mounting points for baby seats, Ultrasonic alarm, to its stylish exterior and sound system, the Polo Vivo has it all. With features as attractive as this, everyone will want to share the ride.

Share Mswenko and Win
Join the #MswenkoChallenge today

The Polo Vivo Mswenko is here and to celebrate the launch of this stylish new ride, we’re inviting you to join the #MswenkoChallenge. To kickstart the challenge, we collaborated with SA’s hottest street artists and designers, GALXBOY and Yay Abe, to create a range of limited edition pieces inspired by ‘Mswenko’ and now we’re inviting you to join the #MswenkoChallenge and do the same.

Polo Vivo highlights.

polo vivo gt


The Polo Vivo looks as smooth as it drives. With its smart design and handy features, it’s no wonder it grabs attention

Safety and Technology

Discover the latest Volkswagen intuitive safety and technology features designed with you in mind. 

Polo Vivo GT

Add more to your drive with the sporty and stylish Polo Vivo GT. 

Polo Vivo Mswenko

The limited-edition Polo Vivo Mswenko is about to give the vibrant streets of Mzansi awhole new look.

Polo Vivo Mswenko

The streets have a new look

The limited edition Polo Vivo Mswenko is about to give the vibrant streets of Mzansi a whole new look. “Mswenko” is the bold style, effortless swag and unique attitude that makes you, you.  


Innovation has never looked this good

The Polo Vivo is equipped with more digital features than any other small car in its category. The 340G radio with SD, USB, Bluetooth, App-Connect with B-sting/2 speakers and 2 tweeters are optional on the Comfortline. All these features, as well as 4 speakers and 2 tweeters, come standard on the Highline, GT and Maxx.

App-Connect allows you to access your iPhone/CarPlay screen, selected apps, maps and music by syncing with the infotainment system.

Safety and Technology