Volkswagen to Integrate ChatGPT into its cars

Volkswagen to Integrate ChatGPT into its cars  


December 2023

Announced at the 2024 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Volkswagen is set to become the first volume manufacturer to offer voice-activated, artificial intelligence-based driver assistance software into its mainstream product portfolio. This will include the popular AI system ChatGTP.

Available in vehicles built on both our MEB and MQB Evo platforms, including the all-new Tiguan and forthcoming updated eighth-generation Golf, the advantage of incorporating artificial intelligence into a car’s operating system is that it allows a user to call upon any number of services, conveniences and, indeed, general information during a journey. Accessed via a “Hello IDA” voice control, this includes navigation, climate control settings and even relevant information on the destination or immediate surroundings — where best to eat once you arrive, based on online user reviews.

Cerence Chat Pro from technology partner Cerence Inc. is the foundation of the new function, which offers a uniquely intelligent, automotive-grade ChatGPT integration.

Crucially, ChatGPT in this application does not gain access to any vehicle data, while all user questions and system answers are deleted immediately to ensure the highest possible level of data protection.

"Volkswagen has always democratised technology and made it accessible to the many. This is simply ingrained in our DNA. As a result, we are now the first volume manufacturer to make this innovative technology a standard feature in vehicles from the compact segment upwards. Thanks to the seamless integration of ChatGPT and strong collaboration with our partner, Cerence, we are offering our drivers added value and direct access to the AI-based research tool. This also underlines the innovative strength of our new products," says Kai Grünitz, Member of the Board of Management Volkswagen Brand for Technical Development.

"We are proud to build on our automotive expertise and our long-standing partnership with Volkswagen to offer its customers innovations that leverage generative AI and large language models – even after they have purchased a vehicle," says Stefan Ortmanns, CEO of Cerence. “With Cerence Chat Pro, VW is empowered with an automotive-grade ChatGPT integration that offers unmatched flexibility, customisation, and ease of deployment, while prioritising security and usability for drivers. As we look to the future, together Volkswagen and Cerence will explore collaboration to design a new, large-language-model-based (LLM) user experience as the foundation of Volkswagen’s next-generation in-car assistant."

Volkswagen to Integrate ChatGPT into its cars