Volkswagen South Africa Has Introduced an Innovative, Open-Source “Night School” Advanced Driving Course   


November 2023

Available since 1 November 2023, Volkswagen South Africa’s innovative new “Night School” night-time advanced driving course aims to educate drivers of all ages on best practices for driving after dark.

Statistics confirm that around 55% of all fatal road accidents – including pedestrians – in South Africa occur at night. Via an engaging online tool that allows registered users access to a carefully curated curriculum of worksheets, the goal of this initiative is to highlight several key areas, including serviceable items on your vehicle, as well as how to recognise potentially dangerous scenarios, aimed at ensuring everyone gets to their respective destination safely. 

“As a leading passenger car manufacturer, at Volkswagen, we are acutely focused on our ambition of creating safer roads, not only for our drivers but for all road users including passengers, pedestrians, cyclists and animals,” said Bridget Harpur, Head of Marketing for Volkswagen South Africa. “With over half of our country’s fatal accidents occurring at night, we asked ourselves, then why do we all only learn to drive during the day?”

An easy-to-navigate portal guides users through several theory-based exercises before a short test at the end of each section realises a score. A fun addition is the ability to generate a certificate of completion after the final module, with the user able to realise rewards from partners Spec-Savers and Vida e Caffe.

Beginning with how to ensure that your vehicle is properly serviced and equipped to operate optimally in a night-time driving scenario, the curriculum moves to how to plan a route using informed decisions, including avoiding potential hijacking hotspots and poorly lit roads. Other modules list the causes and potential remedies for diminished visibility after the sun has set, and even cover how to de-escalate moments of aggression from other road users. 

A key aspect of this innovative programme is Volkswagen’s ability to highlight the real-world benefits of some of its latest technological advancements, including intuitive ID. Light Matric LED systems and even night vision (as available in the forthcoming new Touareg). Systems like blind-spot detection and lane-keeping assistance also play important roles in aiding road users' safety.

“Through our night school curriculum, we are hoping to provide a tangible and effective solution that will help reduce the country’s night-time road accident statistics and, as a result, help save lives,” says Harper.

In partnership with Road Traffic Management Corporation VWSA’s Night School includes expert driving tips from the likes of Volkswagen Advanced Driving Academy’s Matthew Merten and exciting young racer Jonathan Mogetsi.


In addition to the online curriculum, Volkswagen’s Advanced Driving Academy will also be offering a real-world theoretical and practical course hosted by their experienced defensive driving instructors based at Zwartkops Raceway.

Sign-up to Volkswagen South Africa’s Night School here: nightschool ( an external link