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Volkswagen Driving Academy

Welcome to the Volkswagen Driving Academy

At the Volkswagen Driving Academy, we offer a full range of advanced driving courses designed to help ensure your personal safety on the road. Not only will you gain practical driving experience, but also confidence to deal with potential dangers, from avoiding collisions, to the optimal way to respond in a hijack situation. Course vehicles include the sleek R brands Golf R, iconic GTI, the smart and tough Amarok, the innovative Touareg and the courageous Tiguan.

The Volkswagen Driving Academy is based at the Zwartkops Raceway in Johannesburg. Open to all members of the public, annual road shows also take these courses to Cape Town and Durban. A certificate of either participation and/or competence, which is valid for one year, is awarded to you on completion of each course. Our advanced driving courses benefit from the latest developments in driver safety, and our experienced and professional instructors will help you have fun while you learn.


Performance Driving Courses

High Performance Driving Course

Anyone can drive fast in a straight line, but not everyone can react quickly and safely around corners.  This full day course will give you the ability to vary your speeds effectively according to different road and traffic conditions.  Start the day with a lesson in vehicle dynamics, and then put theory into practice as you experience emergency simulations on the skidpan.  Hone your technique through practical exercises on the race circuit, as you learn about Volkswagen’s technological and safety features.


Safety Driving Courses

Skidpan, Defensive Driving & Hi-Jack Prevention.

Start this full-day course with a lesson in vehicle dynamics, whereby a practical on the skidpan follows. Put this theory into practice as you experience emergency simulations. The defensive driving module ensures greater awareness when faced with day-to-day driving situations. Learn how to predict and identify hazards and escape routes, in order to place your vehicle in the safest possible position on the road. The Hi-Jack Prevention will help with important information to either avoid the situation or survive the potential possibility of being hijacked.


Amarok Off Road Driving Courses

Amarok 4x4 Experience 

Experience the Amarok and the power of tough used smartly. The day starts with some insights into off-road theory, followed by the chance to tackle various terrains and obstacles on the challenging 4x4 route. You’ll learn various 4x4 techniques, as well as methods you can use to conquer any obstacle. Vehicle recovery and how to safely remove your vehicle from any situation using the latest recovery equipment and techniques will also be demonstrated.