Wet Weather Safety tips

Wet weather
safety tips and
safety features.

Wet weather
safety tips and
safety features.

June 2017

How to drive safely in the rain

Are you driving safely in wet weather? As a responsible driver it is up to you to ensure that you not only know how to handle your precious Volkswagen, but also keep yourself and your passengers safe in wet weather. With the right information and Volkswagen’s clever technology and safety features you will have the upper hand over potentially dangerous wet weather conditions.

How Volkswagen keeps  you safe
Adhering to global safety codes requires more than just good intentions, this is why Volkswagen is in the business of creating innovative safety features. Through continuous research and development Volkswagen has perfected many lifesaving features.

Wet Weather Safety tips

Multi Collision Brake System
The Multi Collision Brake System acts as an emergency brake. If the airbag is deployed or if two independent sensors detect the initial collision, the system is automatically activated to prevent a secondary collision. While this award-winning technology acts autonomously, the driver is still able to override it if need be by simply engaging the accelerator or braking harder. 

Driver Fatigue Detection
Constantly measures pedal and steering wheel use to assess your driving behaviour from speeds of over 65km per hour. Sensing a loss of concentration, the system warns the driver via an acoustic signal and a visual message. In wet weather this feature is instrumental in ensuring the driver is able to concentrate well enough to drive safely.

Braking Systems
Anti-lock Braking System or ABS was invented waaay back in the 1950s. With the aim of reducing braking time; ABS ensures that wheels lock and release immediately, keeping the driver in control and preventing loss of traction and skidding.

Over and above the improvements to the efficacy of the system as a whole, Volkswagen has combined sought out additional ways to ensure your safety. Combining ABS with other systems such as Brake Assist, Traction Control Systems, Electronic Differential Lock, Hydraulic Brake Assist and Electronic Stabilisation Program; your Volkswagen is easier to control and accidents are so much easier to prevent.

Automatic Distance Control ACC
In conjunction with Volkswagen’s Cruise Control, your vehicle employs distance sensorsto measure your distance and speed in relation to the vehicle in front of you. This system can be incredibly helpful in wet weather where other road users may behave unpredictably. Most notably is the fact that the driver their own can set the speed and following distance, another perfect way to ensure a safe following distance in the rain.

How to keep yourself safe

In case you need to brush up on your driving general knowledge, here are a few wet-weather safety tips.

1) Make sure you can see the road clearly, use your windscreen wipers and always switch your lights on to the normal setting (don’t use your brights). 2) If you can’t see vehicles in front of you at a safe following distance, rather pull off the road into a safe rest area. 3) Drive defensively by increasing your following distance to at least double the distance you would keep in dry conditions. 4) Never slow down so much that you are a risk to other drivers, rather pull off the road to a safe rest area. 5) Keep your air conditioning on to prevent your windows misting up and hindering your visibility.

6) Avoid unnecessary lane changes and be considerate towards other road users. Avoid aquaplaning by driving slowly and carefully through standing water. 7) If you do aquaplane, do not brake, rather ease off the accelerator until you regain traction. 8) Driving in wet weather requires a higher level of concentration than the usual driving conditions. 9) Make sure you are well rested; have not been drinking and are not distracted by cell phones other or passengers. 10) Ensure your windscreen wiper blades, tyres and lights are all in good working condition. 11) Never attempt to cross over a river or closed road.

Now that you are ready to drive carefully in the rain, make sure you pack an umbrella and raincoat and proceed with caution. You might even want to grab the opportunity to test drivea new Volkswagen just to see how well it performs in wet weather.

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