COVID19 Lockdown

Volkswagen South Africa

Volkswagen South Africa doing its part in fight against Covid-19

  • VWSA to produce protective face masks in partnership with Gusco
  • VWSA to produce local Ventilator
  • The company is also involved in local and national measures against Covid-19

As one of the biggest vehicle manufacturers on the African continent, Volkswagen Group South Africa (VWSA) is playing an active role in the fight against the coronavirus in South Africa. VWSA is focusing its time and attention on the manufacture of masks and medical equipment, which could be crucial in protecting South African citizens from the virus.

How VWSA is assisting the South African government in the fight against Covid-19:

  • VWSA has partnered with a local NGO, Gusco, to produce soft fabric face masks aimed at reducing the spread of the Covid-19 virus. Following a successful trial batch, production of these masks has begun and thousands of masks will be delivered in the Eastern Cape.
  • VWSA is also part of the National Government Task Force team working on medical equipment such as ventilators. VWSA’s Research and Development team is using 3D printing technology to produce parts for a mechanical ventilator which will be produced at the Uitenhage plant.
  • VWSA’s engineers are part of an international Volkswagen Group team pioneering possible ways in which the company can assist during the global crisis.

Thomas Schaefer, VWSA’s Chairman and Managing Director says: “We are continuously investigating ways in which VWSA can offer support in this time of crisis. It is very important for all the key stakeholders to collaborate in order to flatten the curve of the infections whilst protecting the lives of our most vulnerable citizens.

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