Successful Road Trip

your car

and prepare
for your
road trip.

your car

and prepare
for your
road trip.

June 2017

A successful road trip is about more than your epic playlist, mouth-watering snacks and pit-stops. A successful road trip is one where you get to where you are going without any hitches along the way. While the best way to prevent accidents is to drive defensively and stay alert, making sure your car is in top form requires some planning ahead. To ensure this, you should always carry out thorough car maintenance through an authorised Volkswagen service centre prior to your road trip. Attending to the regular wear and tear on your car is one of the best way to prevent avoidable car trouble.

Essential pre-trip car maintenance
Before you even put the key into the ignition, you need to be certain that your car has not missed any scheduled services. Regular servicing not only ensures your car runs smoothly, but also ensures that your car is safer to drive and more fuel efficient.

Trust Volkswagen to take care of your car
When your car is serviced by an authorised Volkswagen service centre every aspect of your car is all attended to by Volkswagen experts. Over and above your service intervals, it’s is recommended that you have your car checked at least once a year or before taking a long distance trip. If your car is an older model, you want to consider having it looked at twice a year. Visit our service and parts page and find our 20-point vehicle health check in the ‘Our Services’ section. This system works as a preventative maintenance measure for your Volkswagen. Everything from your brakes; radiator hoses, engine oil, wheel bearings, shock absorbers and coolants to your brake fluid are carefully checked and maintenance is carried out where it is needed.

The other benefits of using a Volkswagen service centre are:

  • The warranty on your car won’t be voided
  •  Your car will be fitted with genuine Volkswagen parts
  • Your car will retain its value
  • The lifespan of your car vehicle will be lengthened
  • Any future problems can be diagnosed ahead of time, thereby reducing damage
  • Your car will remain fuel efficient
  • Your car will continue to run in optimum condition
  • Your car will continue to be reliable.
  • What You Can Look For?

As a car owner it is your responsibility to ensure that in-between car services, your car is still safe. There are several aspects of your car which you can inspect to prevent any unwelcome surprises. Features such as windscreen wipers, your headlights, brake and warning lights as well as the tread on your tyres and spare tyre, are important and can compromise your safety in the event that they are not in tiptop condition. These vital checks will inform your decision to visit a Volkswagen service centre for a little extra assistance before your next service.

Driving a well looked after car is not a luxury; it is a necessity. By carrying out these simple steps, your car will continue to give you the edge in difficult weather conditions and when the concentration of other road users fails. If you need a little extra help preparing for your holiday, visit our holiday tips page. To find your nearest authorised Volkswagen service centre visit our find a dealerOpens an external link page. 


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