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of regular
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June 2016

Regular car servicing may be the last thing on your mind when you first drive out of the showroom with your new Volkswagen but the truth is, it should be top of mind. Servicing your car regularly might sound like a luxury but it is a necessity. Luckily Volkswagen has many years of experience as well as a reputation for excellence in this regard. There are a myriad of reasons to visit the Volkswagen service centre regularly.

Ensuring your safety
Over and above anything, Volkswagen prides itself on keeping you safe. While our cars are built to this end, keeping you as safe is best done with regular car maintenance. As with every moving part, wear will naturally occur on your car parts. By regularly checking parts such as brakes, tyres, windscreen wiper blades you can ensure that they are always in perfect working order and you can rely on them. MPO as the platform to launch new products. Volkswagen launched the V6 AmarokOpens an external link at NAMPO 2017 and the Crafter in 2018.

Save money
You might not feel as if you are saving money while you are paying for a car service but in reality, the cost of skipping a service is much higher in comparison. Regular car services ensure that checks are carried out in order to identify any problems which may arise in the future. By dealing with problems early on, you can avoid further damage to your car, saving you money in the long run.

Lengthen the lifespan of your car by fitting genuine parts
The lifespan of your car is affected greatly by keeping a close eye on its overall health. Something one may take for granted is the act of changing your oil. It may sound less important than other aspects of your car health however, changing engine oil, checking transmission fluid, power steering fluid and automatic transmission fluid are integral in ensuring your car is able to run better for longer. Putting off an oil change may lead to coagulation of the oil, which can lead to starvation of oil to the engine ultimately damaging the engine.

Fit genuine parts to retain the value of your vehicle
If you have ever bought a car which is not brand new, you will appreciate the importance of a full-service history. Whilst Volkswagens are famous for retaining their value for longer, selling your car without a full-service history will compromise its value. If a potential buyer or dealer knows for a fact that your Volkswagen has been well maintained with regular car servicing, they will see the added value in your pre owned vehicle.

Why choose Volkswagen
When servicing your car you may be tempted to allow a friend or non-Volkswagen dealership service your car. Before you do, ask yourself this: do they know my car better than Volkswagen themselves? Over and above innovation and dedication, Volkswagen is an expert in providing service of the highest standard. Our technicians are first class, trained in attention to detail with surgical precision. With the help of state of the art diagnostic equipment, all servicing is done in accordance with VW specs to ensure that neither operation nor function are compromised.

Genuine parts
The primary reason that Volkswagen partsOpens an external link are best suited for your vehicle are simply because your genuine parts are made with the whole vehicle in mind – genuine parts will not damage other parts. Our parts are the yardstick for maintaining the value of your vehicle because each part is specifically designed and tested to operate perfectly with other VW parts.

Economy parts
Genuine Volkswagen parts do not compromise on safety, performance or durability, and the same goes for Volkswagen economy parts. These parts are still 100% genuine, they too arerigorously tested to meet our international standards, the only difference is that they are about 25% more affordable because they are for cars four years or older.

State of the art diagnostic equipment
On the off chance that the promise of genuine parts, outstanding workmanship, attention to detail and service of the highest quality have not informed your decision to seek regular car servicing with a Volkswagen service centre, our state of the art diagnostic equipment should. This seemingly small addition to our service package means that Volkswagen is able to ensure that your car will be as safe as the day you bought it. This is the difference that helps us assess your vehicle with extreme accuracy so that Volkswagen can continue to exceed your expectations.

The Volkswagen warranty
While all Volkswagen vehicles are covered by a three-year or 120 000 km warranty, our genuine parts and the fitment thereof, are also covered by a one-year workmanship warranty. Most of our vehicles are covered by a 12-year anti corrosion warranty on the body. These warranties are applicable to all models sold in South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Lesotho and Swaziland.

Our dedicated aftersales support is there to ensure peace of mind, keeping your car safelyon the road for longer, with service of the highest standard. After all, no one knows your Volkswagen better than us. Together we can keep your Volkswagen a Volkswagen with regular car servicing through a Volkswagen service centre.

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