Increased torque

in the
New Golf.

in the
New Golf.

June 2017

Reserve your spot in the fast Lane with the
New Golf

With the release of the new Volkswagen Golf, fans of this compact class leader are set to be more obsessed than ever before. This little firecracker packs one particularly stylish punch, with its sharper and sleeker features, the Golf retains its crowning reputation for refinement and sophistication. But of course there’s more to the new Golf than meets the eye; you can count on it to lead the way when it comes to safety, power, usability and pioneering technology… and that’s exactly why you already want one.

Under the bonnet
The first thing you’ll notice on the spec sheet of the new 2017 Golf is the increased torque owing to the next generation TSI engine. Even the modest 1.0l engine of the Trendline Golf will take you from 0-100km/h in 9.9 seconds, while the GTI model will get you there in just 6.4 seconds. If you look at the top speeds of new Golf range you can expect to reach speeds between 196km/h and 248km/h depending on the model. Whichever model you choose, you need not fill a spot in the slow lane.

In the cockpit
When you slip into the driver’s seat, the first you will notice; after the sleek, stylish interior, is the updated infotainment system and the improved driver assistance systems.

Drivers can rely on the convenience of: Active Info Display – allows driver to easily access different information profiles, Trailer Assist – assists in the manoeuvring of a trailer, Adaptive Cruise Control – limits and ensures car speed remains consistent, Gesture Control – the optional 9.2” touchscreen senses your hand movements, allowing you to swipe through menus, tracks and radio stations with the swish of your finger.

Safe and secure
Not one to neglect the most important aspects of a car, Volkswagen reaches further into its arsenal to pull out more innovative features. Over and above the curtain, side, front and passenger airbags, the new Golf boasts Blind Spot Detection, Rear Traffic Alert, and with Front Assist and Autonomous Emergency Braking.

Finishing touches
The sprinkles on the cake are the Golf’s sharper, more refined lines. The front headlights have been broadened and the rear tail lights feature attention grabbing LEDs. Perfection from every angle, the new Golf inspires the next generation of Golf drivers to suit up or risk being outdone by their new mobile companion.

To GTI or not to GTI?
It would be naïve to say we haven’t all dreamed about the exquisite power housed under the bonnet of the Golf GTI. Think about this: 0-100km/h in a minuscule 6.4 seconds! A top speed of 248km/h! At this point you are thinking beyond the need to get from point A to point B, you are getting there safely, stylishly and quickly. You will never have to worry about getting stuck behind a pantechnicon on a steep incline without the power to overtake ever. That’s all we really want right? Well, that and the sports suspension; 6-speed DSG and progressive steering.

Choosing your new Golf may well be less complicated than assembling flat-pack furniture to cabling up your new surround sound system. Based on preference, budget and the all-important test drive it really is just a three-step process. Maybe it’s time to find your closest Volkswagen dealership and get this baby rolling.

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