volkswagen service and maintenance plans

Why service with Volkswagen

Why service with Volkswagen

With Volkswagen EasyDrive Service and Maintenance Plans, you get qualified experts, genuine parts, real value-for-money and a nationwide dealer network that provides all the things you’ve come to expect from the people behind the People’s Car.

We know how much your Volkswagen means to you. It’s more than just a car, it’s a valued part of the family and every journey you go on.

From road trips to business trips, drive-ins to just taking a drive. Which is why we’ve created EasyDrive Service and Maintenance Plans that ensure your ride is a smooth one. 

These services include:

When it comes to your Volkswagen, you want someone who knows it intimately. No one knows your car better than you, and the people who made it. Which is why our team of qualified expert technicians go through rigorous training to ensure your masterpiece of German engineering keeps driving like a dream. 

To become a certified Volkswagen Service Technician, each expert has to complete 176 hours of training, and 432 hours to become a Master Technician. You can rest assured, knowing that each and every expert is equipped with the skills needed to use our sophisticated on-site tools and systems, to diagnose problems and upgrade software.

We strive to ensure every Volkswagen represents German engineering at its best. Every part has been carefully designed to meet the highest standards. No matter how small, every part matters. Which is why we only use Volkswagen Genuine Parts. In fact, we have over 500,000 parts available in our catalogue that we can stock at any given time, and over 40,000  Volkswagen Genuine Parts readily available in our parts warehouses in South Africa.

If a specific part is not available at the time of ordering, we’ll have it shipped straight from the factory in Germany within 10 days if it is available there. To ensure further peace of mind, each and every Genuine Part purchased at a Volkswagen dealer comes with a 2 Year  warranty*. 

*24-month warranty on parts and batteries.

Since the first Volkswagen hit the streets of South Africa in 1950, we’ve been working to help drive the country forward. Thanks to our wide dealer network, we can do just that. With 109 dealerships across South Africa, Botswana and Namibia, you have access to a Volkswagen dealership throughout the country, giving you convenient access to expert help wherever you need it.

Like our cars, our dealerships run like well-oiled machines, from customer experience and care.

Customer Experience

To make sure you can keep doing life, we’ve taken care of the ride by offering Volkswagen EasyDrive Vehicle Plans which provide a multitude of benefits over and above great service, like protection from future price inflation, enhanced vehicle resale benefits and so much more.

Your Volkswagen and wellbeing are our top priority. To ensure you have complete peace of mind, we strive to provide the best customer experience. From the moment you step into a Volkswagen dealership, you’ll receive all the care and experience that truly demonstrates why Volkswagen really is the People’s Car.

In today’s world, convenience is key, so we’ve used our advanced technology to make your experience a pleasant one. From booking your service through the We Connect Go App, to approving any Additional Work through a video on Service Cam that connects you to our expert technicians, via your smart device.

We want to keep you moving, so we have an award-winning Customer Interaction Centre (CIC) ready to assist whenever you need it, along with Roadside Assistance* which is available to you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. If the unforeseen should occur, we’ll be right by your side to help with jump starts, fuel, flat tyre, towing, mobility and even accommodation.  

We’re on this journey together and your feedback helps us provide the very best service we could possibly offer. So, after every service, we’ll send you a Customer Experience Management survey to find out just how pleasant and professional your Volkswagen Service experience was. 

No matter where the road takes you, if you’re looking for real value-for-money a Volkswagen service pays off. 

*Terms and Conditions apply

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