Warranty and AutoMotion Plans
Warranty and AutoMotion Plans
Warranty and AutoMotion Plans

EasyDrive Vehicle Plans.

You do life, we’ll take care of the ride.

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At Volkswagen, we want to make every part of your journey as safe and enjoyable as possible. Which is why, just like your Volkswagen, our EasyDrive Vehicle Plans are designed with you in mind. These plans offer affordable and easy to understand pricing, while guaranteeing dedicated service by our world-class, qualified Volkswagen experts.

Enjoy complete peace of mind beyond the drive with no unforeseen out-of-pocket repair costs, protection against inflationary price increases and 100% cover on all valid claims. We’ll also ensure that your Volkswagen always runs exactly as it should by fitting only Volkswagen Parts.

In addition our EasyDrive Vehicle Plans are valid at all Volkswagen Dealers nationwide, meaning that specialist care is always right around the corner. And if you can’t come to us in an emergency, we’ll come to you, with *free Roadside Assistance on all plans.

*Roadside Assistance is only available for Warranty + Maintenance plans. Not Service plans.

COVID-19 Volkswagen
Lockdown Arrangements

South African President, Cyril Ramaphosa, provided a detailed framework with regards to South Africa's response to the COVID-19 pandemic and as such instituted a nationwide lockdown.

In effort to support the President's call and bolster efforts to flatten the COVID-19 curve, please take note of the following arrangements during the lockdown.

 Approved and administered by Volkswagen South Africa
 Immediate and complete cover on valid claims
 Immediate authorisation of valid claims
 Accepted at all Volkswagen Dealers nationwide
 Free 24/7 Roadside Assistance *Only available for Maintenance and Warranty plans.
 The fitment of Volkswagen Parts by Volkswagen qualified experts
 A full-service history ensures a higher resale value for your Volkswagen
 All Volkswagen EasyDrive Vehicle Plans are linked to each specific vehicle and are therefore fully transferable to the next owner

What is a Volkswagen EasyDrive Vehicle Plan?

Volkswagen EasyDrive Vehicle Plans covers your vehicle for services and/or repairs. These variations are vehicle model and usage specific. Please consult your nearest Volkswagen Dealership for all the vehicle plan parameters and our highly competitive pricing.

Volkswagen EasyDrive Vehicle Maintenance Plan

This fully-comprehensive option covers all costs (Parts and Labour) associated with:

  • scheduled services,
  • repairs of defective components and
  • any wear-and-tear items (excluding tyres) that need to be replaced.
  • Roadside Assistance

Volkswagen EasyDrive Vehicle Service Plan

This plan covers all your manufacturer-specified scheduled service requirements, including parts and labour costs.

The Standard Volkswagen Warranty Plan

This plans covers manufacturing defects relating to mechanical and/or electrical component failures. 

Volkswagen EasyDrive Customised Fleet Solution

Get a customised plan, specific to your fleet needs, at a discounted price for your fleet of vehicles. This gives you the same level of cover as the Maintenance Plan, but can be customised to your exact needs for time and mileage.

Volkswagen EasyDrive Customised Fleet Solution includes a vehicle plan specific to the LONG-DISTANCE Taxi vehicle (Crafter ONLY).

This is called Volkswagen EasyDrive Taxi Plan and offers peace of mind driving for up to 5 years or 400 000km.

Speak to our Fleet Solution Specialists, at fleetplans@vwsa.co.za or call
041-996-4963 / 0860 434 737

EasyDrive Plans Calculator

Life rarely goes as planned. That’s why there’s EasyDrive

Convenience. Security. No unpleasant surprises. Volkswagen EasyDrive Vehicle Plans protect you against unforeseen out-of-pocket costs and inflationary price increases. One of the best parts about these plans is their ability to help you see beyond the claims’ process and know that your Volkswagen is in good hands. But what if you want to look a little further down the road? Simply click the link below to calculate the estimated cost of your future EasyDrive Service or Maintenance* plan. You’re covered for the long haul because while you do life, we’ll take care of the ride.

*Estimated costs are calculated up to 10yr/300 000km.