Caddy trendline
Caddy trendline
Caddy trendline

Caddy Trendline

The Caddy takes life as it comes.

Shopping for two, Summer holidays for five, kids’ birthday party for seven: The Caddy Trendline takes life as it comes. Reliable, flexible and as versatile as its predecessor, the new generation is even more comfortable and economical. This makes it a very special vehicle – and the perfect all-rounder.

Caddy Trendline highlights.

Caddy Trendline side view


Discover how this Volkswagen can drive you beyond your comfort zone without ever compromising on elegance.

Fuel efficiency

Designed with a fuel-efficient engine, discover how this Volkswagen will keep going, no matter where your drive takes you. 


A cockpit of the highest quality

Please take a seat. Inside you will find up to seven extremely comfortable seats and a new high-quality finish on the cockpit – with the newly designed leather-covered multifunction steering wheel available on request. Of course, there are also several cup holders and practical storage spaces, for instance in the doors and the central console. In addition, a spacious roof shelf is located directly above the driver and passenger seats, where it is possible to store larger objects. 

Fuel Efficiency

The extensive technology package for the Caddy Trendline

To ensure that every adventure ends as stress-free as it begins, the Caddy is equipped with various safety systems, which are activated in critical situations as a preventative measure. New to the onboard standard equipment is the Automatic Post-Collision Braking System. Following an accident, the vehicle begins a phased braking action down to 10 km/h in order to prevent secondary collisions. Should an impact nonetheless occur, head airbags will provide optimal protection to passengers in the outer seats of the second seating row. This new feature comes standard on the Trendline equipment line. Head airbags will provide optimal protection to passengers in the outer seats of the second seating row.