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Volkswagen Motorsport

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National Circuit

Volkswagen Motorsport entered into the 2016 season with a completely new and exciting Global Touring Car Race Program, after the withdrawl from National Rally at the end of 2015. The new series has been challenging for the team, having to compete on tarmac predominantly as opposed to the usual dusty conditions out in the field, but has ended on a high note with very impressive results in both the GTC and GTC Production Classes.

The team took honours in GTC2 in the iconic Golf GTI, with Daniel Rowe claiming the GTC2 Championship in 2016 and Keagan Masters in 2017, and they have their sights set on another championship with in 2018.  GTC has proved a challenge for drivers Mathew Hodges (Jetta) and Daniel Rowe (Jetta) but it’s full traction ahead for 2018 to take top podium positions, and hopes set on victory.


Spirit of Amarok

The ultimate international amateur 4x4 championship.

The Spirit of Amarok is the premier amateur 4x4 precision driving competition in which enthusiasts from around the world gather to take part. The Spirit of Amarok isn't just a precision driving competition – it's also an unforgettable experience for those in attendance, absorbing all the action the Amarok and host country has to offer.


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Uitenhage. It's where racing champions are built. Contact Volkswagen Motorsport for more information.

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