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I'm a Volkswagen Owner

Good to see you again.

When you buy a Volkswagen, you know you are getting so much more than just a car and because no one knows your Volkswagen better than we do, you will always get Service and Parts of the highest International Standard.

Service and Parts Promotions.

Discover the promotions and specials we have on vehicle services and parts.

Warranty and Volkswagen AutoMotion Plans.

As proof of our confidence in Volkswagen's under-the-skin German engineering, all new Volkswagens are covered through a variety of warranty options. We also have genuine AutoMotion plans on offer. Do you know the difference between a warranty, a service plan and a maintenance plan?

Parts range and benefits.

We have a part designed specifically for the model type, age and mileage of your Volkswagen ensuring optimal vehicle operations, uncompromised safety and perfect compatibility. Find out all about Genuine parts, Economy Parts and Exchange parts here.

Repairs and Breakdown.

When you buy a Volkswagen, we don’t just watch you drive off into the distance – we stay right beside you. From servicing, repairs and parts or breakdown assistance, our teams are geared to keep you and your Volkswagen safely on the road. 

All our vehicles also come with a warranty and if you are wondering what the difference if between a Service plan and a Maintenance plan, then we have the answers for you.