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Corporate Citizenship


“For Volkswagen, social responsibility, innovative technologies and an intact environment belong inextricably together. People, technology and environment, the Volkswagen Group develops and implements the leading ideas for the mobility of tomorrow based on these pillars.” - VWAG Driving Ideas 2010

“Volkswagen is proud to be a good Corporate Citizen of South Africa. It is more than a way of doing business. It is a way of life. It is the Volkswagen Way. It is our road map for developing better People’s Cars. It is the route to growing a better workforce and a highway to a healthy economic and social environment. We are pioneering travelers on this road, and we are constantly striving to carry as many people on the journey with us as we can. We invite you to explore the Volkswagen Way.”
— David Powels
Managing Director of Volkswagen Group South Africa

Transforming the lives of all South Africans

For generations, Volkswagen Group South Africa has led the pack in the key areas of transformation. We set targets and we measure our success, which is the reason we have such a proud record as a responsible corporate citizen.

Volkswagen Group South Africa believes very strongly that job creation and skills development will fuel economic prosperity. However, before we can empower others, we have to be strong ourselves. Our first priority, therefore, is to build a strong and successful business which protects and creates jobs within Volkswagen and the broader Volkswagen family of suppliers and franchised Dealers.

As a multi-national corporation, Volkswagen also has a strong commitment to boost foreign direct investment in South Africa and to promote the transfer of world-class technology, knowledge and skills. Hundreds of Volkswagen Group South Africa employees at all levels have received training at Volkswagen plants throughout the world.

Volkswagen remains in pole position in areas such as:
  • Employment Equity and Affirmative Action
  • Training and Skills Development
  • Job Creation and the development of Small and Medium Enterprises
  • The appointment of Black Franchised Dealers
  • The development of Black Owned Suppliers.
  • Community Development and Corporate Social Investment
  • Health and Wellness including the fight against HIV/AIDS