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Welcome to Samrec
Volkswagen Group South Africa employees volunteer their time for National Marine Week.

SAMREC (South African Marine Rehabilitation and Education Centre), at Cape Recife in Port Elizabeth, is a non-profit organisation, formed in 2000 mainly to care for sick or injured African penguins because of their vulnerability.

Their work is vital as St Croix Island in Nelson Mandela Bay is the biggest penguin breeding colony in the world, making SAMREC a rehabilitation facility of global importance. They have also developed an integrated marine conservation education programme aimed at scholars - the SeaSchool programme caters to school groups and offers lessons on the environment which are are held on the beach or in SAMREC’s exhibition classroom.

Volkswagen volunteers from the Show of Hands programme extended the educational facilities by creating an interactive trail and open-air classroom for learners, as well as renovations to the penguin general ward at the SAMREC facility (used for emergency rehabilitation for groups of rescued penguins).

VWSA also made a cash donation towards the SeaSchool programme, focused on introducing the sea and its creatures to learners from disadvantaged communities who more often than not have never had the opportunity to look at, taste, smell, feel and hear the sea before. They are taught about the dangers of pollution, and the need for conservation.

Approximately 100 Volkswagen volunters also completed a 5km beach clean-up as part of National Marine Week (13-17 October 2012), and adopted 15 penguins in the SAMREC Rehabilitation Programme. Medical funds and food supplies are required to rehabilitate the penguins to a degree where they can be safely released back into the ocean.

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