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In a world where environmental issues can no longer be ignored, it's important that we all become more proactive about protecting the environment.


Think Blue is our philosophy to provide responsible cars today, encompassing energy - efficient technologies such as TSI, TDI, DSG, BlueMotion and in the future, Blue-e-Motion (electric drive). Like our BlueMotion Technologies, Think Blue is about making small changes that make a big difference, recognising those who already have, and inspiring others to do the same.


Think Blue is an attitude which goes beyond technologies and products. While our vehicles with the BlueMotion badge set Benchmarks when it comes to fuel consumption and emission values, Think Blue takes a step forward.


It integrates ecology into our activities and actively involves our consumers through awareness and opportunity to understand and improve environmental behavior. Volkswagen is taking steps towards a 'bluer' future. Now it's your turn.



Dyer Island Conservation Trust

Dyer Island Conservation Trust, together with our eco-tourism partners Marine Dynamics Tours and Dyer Island Cruises, is offering unique year-round opportunities to work with Great White

SA Marine and Rehabilitation Centre

SAMREC (South African Marine Rehabilitation and Education Centre), at Cape Recife in Port Elizabeth, is a non-profit organisation, formed in 2000 mainly to care for sick or injured African penguins because of their vulnerability.

AVIS Ecofuel Project

As part of our Think Blue philosophy,Volkswagen South Africa has teamed up with Avis for another environmentally responsible initiative; the deployment of the Ecofuel Caddy in the Avis Point 2 Point fleet.

Touareg with BlueMotion Technology from R807 900
Polo BlueMotion from R258 400
Logo of Dyer Island
Logo of Dyer Island