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The New Polo Beats has Arrived!

Oct 26, 2016 | Volkswagen Article Archive
The New Polo Beats has Arrived!
Kwesta and Dabone Collaborate in the New Polo Beats

When Kwesta was freestyling for DJ Shabby on YFM, he had no idea where his impromptu performance would lead. Of course, Kwesta is already a household name but his off the cuff musical genius sparked further creativity in the minds of the Volkswagen marketing team. Almost immediately Volkswagen asked Kwesta to get involved in their new Polo Beats campaign, all in the name of collaboration. The brief: Kwesta was to combine his creative forces with that of Ross ‘Dabone’ Mc Donald to capture the sounds of Johannesburg. The result… an utterly inspiring musical interpretation of everything we have come to know and love about Johannesburg.

The Night of the Polo Beats Drive

On the evening of 14th of September 2016 Kwesta and Rudimentals producer Dabone set off one their Joburg city journey. That night, their drive was live streamed. Kwesta wrote lyrics while their fans on social media assisted in the collaboration by poetically relaying their own experiences of the city. All the while, Dabone recorded Kwesta’s inspired words, mixing with them the city’s diverse sounds. The Polo Beats car became a recording studio that night, plush with awe-inspiring sound and gear to ensure that only the best song was created.

The Polo Beats Tech

What made the drive so unique and interesting was the software Volkswagen created to provide the original sound bites for the artists. Using geo-location technology the duo hunted down individual instrument sounds. Dabone cleverly stitched them together and looped them to create the track which became the 011Beat song. The final piece of the puzzle; Kwesta’s vocals, were laid onto the track. Kwesta and Dabone painted the scene with sound, while film mastermind Kyle Lewis directed the music video. The result – a moody Johannesburg nightscape which captured and distilled the essence of the city.

Volkswagen Decides to Beat it!

The cause of all this hype is rooted in the launch of the new Polo Beats. If you aren’t familiar with Beats Audio, it’s the brainchild of Dr Dre and Jimmy Lovine. Founded in 2008, the audio company specialising in high-quality headphones was bought by Apple in 2014. Following which their range was expanded to include both wired and wireless headphones and speakers. The very next step in the process was for Volkswagen and Beats Audio to collaborate – and boy did they collaborate!

The Car; Polo Beats

In the car itself is an homage to the audio obsessed everywhere. The Polo Beats is the first car to be fitted with the premium Beats sound system. The 300 watt; eight-channel amplifier forms the backbone of the composition media radio. This system is USB, iPod, iPhone, Bluetooth, app connect and AUX-in jack ready. Finally, it’s garnished with a total of seven high-end speakers in the form of two tweeters, two woofers, two broadband loudspeakers and a subwoofer.

The premium Beats sound system in the Polo Beats has blown away even seasoned professionals like Ross Mc Donald and Kwesta. To check it out yourself; get to your nearest Volkswagen dealership. You should also listen to the awesome 011Beats track now if you haven’t already. Now just sit back and imagine your drive through the city in your new Polo Beats!