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The Hottest Volkswagen Hatchbacks

Aug 26, 2016 | Volkswagen Article Archive
Let us Help You Find Your Ideal Hot Hatch
Hottest Hatches

Let us Help You Find Your Ideal Hot Hatch

Traditionally the hatchback was your basic economic, convenient little run around car; perfect for city and town driving. Times have definitely changed though. Knowing full well that this was more than a passing trend, Volkswagen hatchbacks have been evolved into the more spacious and adrenalin pumping vehicles they are today. More than the easy-to-park option, they are now the first choice for the style conscious, speed-loving city dweller. Complete with superior comfort and the solid handling that Volkswagen has become so well known for; here are THE hottest Volkswagen hatchbacks you need to be test driving.


The Rise and Rise of the Polo
Although not entry-level the Polo has traditionally been seen as a supermini or a B-segment Volkswagen Hatch, but that theory no longer holds water. The new Polo TSI 141kW GTI DSG and Polo TSI 141kW GTI hatch are the top of the line take on the faithful favourite range. Eager to please, you can pick either the 6-speed manual or the 7-speed DSG depending on your own personal preference. Both models boast a top speed of 236 km/h and manage to get from 0-100km/h in 6.7 seconds. In true Volkswagen tradition, Polo GTI drivers will want for nothing!

Amongst the standard features are:

• Air conditioning
• Cruise control
• Hill hold control
• Combined curtain and side airbags
• Electronic Stability Programme (ESP)
• Anti-lock Braking System, (ABS) with brake assist
• Six speakers
• Touchscreen Infotainment system
• 17” Parabolica alloy rims


Going Golf
It was 1976 when the Golf GTI debuted. With it’s unique (for the time) front mounted engine and front wheel drive, the Golf GTI brought a new level of performance into the mix. The Golf GTI was, in essence, the original hot hatch. Model after model, iteration after iteration, the Golf has hit the spot and consistently won awards. Having achieved perfection in styling and features, today the Golf GTI still reigns as the supreme hatch.

On our list of top sporty hatchbacks are the Golf GTI; the Golf GTI with the performance pack, the GTI Clubsport and the Golf R.


The Golf GTI TSI 162kW and the Golf GTI TSI 162kW DSG
It’s red pinstripe, front honeycomb grille, 18” wheels and dual chrome tailpipes set this Golf apart. Available in both 6-speed manual and 6-speed DSG, the Golf GTI is built for the driving purist in all of us.

The GTI comes standard with:

• Rain sensors,
• Automatic headlamp activation
• Fatigue detection Rest Assist
• Electronic Stability Programme (ESP)
• Anti-lock Braking System (ABS)
• Anti-Spin Regulator (ASR)
• Electronic Differential Lock (EDL)
• Side impact bars
• Dual front, side (front), curtain (front and rear) and knee (driver) airbags
• 18” Austin alloy rims


Golf GTI – Performance Pack
This is where things start to get really interesting. At first glance there may not appear to be too much difference between the Golf GTI TSI 169kW Performance Pack DSG and the Golf GTI TSI 162kW. The truth is it’s a lot more than 7kW; we’ll tell you that much. For those not afraid to accelerate through corners, the sharper handling makes all the difference.

The other Golf GTI Performance Pack perks:

• Adaptive Chassis Control (DCC) including driving profile selection
• Anti-theft alarm system plus with interior monitoring
• Brake pad wear indicator
• Ventilated disk brakes in front and rear
• Sports suspension
• 18” Austin alloy rims


Golf GTI Clubsport
On the topic of the top of the range Golf GTIs, the Golf GTI TSI 195kW Clubsport is the most powerful of the Golf GTI range – thanks to that fistful of extra kWs under the hood. Available only as a 6-speed DSG, this little monster will take you from 0-100km in 5.9 seconds and has a top speed of 149 km/h. Of course the standard features include just about everything but the kitchen sink.

More than the aforementioned models however, the Clubsport comes standard with

• Driving Profile Selection
• Dynamic headlight range adjustment, with dynamic cornering light
• Bi-xenon headlamps for low beam and high beam
• Alcantara multifunction steering wheel, with shifting paddles
• 18” Belvedere alloy rims


Golf R
At the pinnacle of the entire Golf range is the Golf R 206kW; which are available in both the 6-speed manual or the 6-speed DSG. The manual manages 0-100km in 5.2 seconds while the DSG model does it in 5.0 seconds. What makes the R-line so special is the added bonus of the R Sports Suspension and the 4Motion all-wheel drive, which are bound to impress the most seasoned Golf drivers.


And Then There was the Scirocco R
For those who wholeheartedly appreciate the refined comfort and luxury that the Volkswagen range offers, but would like to set themselves apart, the Scirocco R 188kW Sportline DSG is the answer. This car just oozes luxury sports appeal.

The Scirocco R’s best features are:

• R-Line Sports Suspension
• Sports seats
• Speed sensitive power steering
• Transverse Differential Lock (XDS Lock)
• 19” Cadiz alloy rims

Do you see what we mean when we say there’s a Volkswagen hatchback for every hot hatch enthusiast? Now that you have the low-down on all the hottest Volkswagen hatchbacks you can request a quote and book a test drive.