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Volkswagen BlueMotion Technology Beats Fuel Prices in South Africa

May 31, 2016 | Volkswagen Article Archive
Volkswagen BlueMotion Technology Beats Fuel Prices in South Africa

In an effort to address rising fuel prices, Volkswagen continually strives to craft cars which use less fuel. Having already made strides in the realm of fuel efficiency, Volkswagen’s BlueMotion Technologies herald landmark advances in the field. The spoils of this technology can be passed on to the consumer, making the fuel prices in South Africa more bearable.

The methodology behind the formulation of BlueMotion Technology has been expanded over time to encompass a range of features and functions which work cohesively to save fuel. The result is a range of cars which are cheaper to run without sacrificing driving performance.

Fuel Efficiency and The BlueMotion Engine

Be it the petrol or diesel engine, BlueMotion Technology addresses fuel efficiency. The primary adjustments to the engines have been in creating smaller and lighter engines as well as combining the charge compression generated with the turbo. In the case of the petrol model, Volkswagen added a turbocharger to go with the direct fuel injection.

Employing turbocharging technology the petrol TSI BlueMotion engine, has the zippy response one would expect from a petrol engine, along with high torque throughout the speed range. The engine is both smooth and quiet, without any lag.

BlueMotion Drag Reduction

Pulling out the stops, clever tweaks to the aerodynamics of the car reduce air resistance, improve handling and improve fuel efficiency. Simply smoothing the flow of air over the car ensures less effort is required to propel the car forward.

The Volkswagen BlueMotion Technology features include a closed front grille to lower air resistance, a more aerodynamic tailgate spoiler, lightweight alloy wheels, underbody panels, lowered suspension and a greatly reduced overall body mass.

BlueMotion Recuperation

The aim of recuperation is to recycle the energy which would otherwise be lost while braking. By storing this energy, it can be used later for acceleration or starting. Ultimately this serves as a very smart way to cut fuel consumption.

BlueMotion Stop/Start Technology

It’s not ideal to continually switch your engine on and off in traffic, however Volkswagen BlueMotion Technology makes possible to automatically deactivate and activate your engine smoothly in traffic in order to save fuel. Simply sliding into neutral and releasing the clutch deactivates your engine, to start the engine again re-engage the clutch and voila, you can pull off. It’s all even easier in an automatic transmission, relying on the brake and accelerator to start and stop the engine.

BlueMotion Low Rolling Resistance Technology

The simple use of the right tyres, in this case low rolling resistance tyres are instrumental in saving fuel owing to the fact that they need less engine power to move the car forward. There’s no compromise however, these tyres also offer excellent performance and driveability.

How Can YOU Save Fuel?

How much fuel you use is largely dependent on your individual driving style. The best way to save fuel is to drive responsibly. By sticking to the speed limit and accelerating and braking smoothly you can already reduce the fuel you use. Other ways to get better fuel efficiency are ensuring your car is well maintained; regularly checking your tyre pressure and not carrying around any unnecessary weight.

While fuel prices in South Africa seem to be continually climbing, it’s essential to keep fuel efficiency in mind – for the sake of our pockets. The Volkswagen BlueMotion Technology is still the best way to beat the continual fuel price increases though - find out for yourself, test drive a BlueMotion model today!